Women's Performance Full-Tech Leggings Black

When you need to perform and recover fast, make engineering your secret weapon. Our Reflex Performance Full-Tech Leggings are designed with O+A’s patented Neuromuscular Performance System (NPS), working to connect your body and mind and unleash your athletic potential. Improve untapped movement efficiency with the Performance Full-Tech Leggings, featuring muscle-mapped compression and support and anatomically-positioned sensory nodes. These work in harmony with your movement to minimise muscle vibration in quads, hamstrings and calves and maximise proprioceptive input - your sixth sense to consciously optimise your performance.
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Technical FEATURES

Unlock your true athletic potential with the ultimate performance leggings, no matter what your sport or level. Featuring our patented Neuromuscular Performance System and flexible skeleton structures, the revolutionary Reflex Performance Full-Tech Leggings proactively stabilise your quads, hamstrings and calves during activity, preventing over-extension and giving you full muscular control - even when you're pushed to the limit.

Need results? Specialist sportswear that works as hard as you do? Designed to optimise your movement at every turn, our Performance Full-Tech Leggings incorporate 20 game-changing sensory nodes that interact with the skin over the quads, hamstrings, and calves, stimulating tactile mechanoreceptors and amplifying afferent feedback to your nervous system. Allowing you to consciously connect with every stretch, extension and stride, the Performance Full-Tech Leggings tap into your sense of proprioception to enhance full-leg awareness, improve muscle recruitment patterns and facilitate powerful activation when it’s needed most.

Performance muscle-mapped compression around your quads, hamstrings and calves works to reduce muscle vibration and keep you locked in during high-impact activity. Additional graduated compression towards the calf muscles provides further support for the smaller muscle group, while aiding venous return and reducing swelling. Activation for damping is reduced, and proprioceptive feedback to your nervous system is streamlined, effectively enhancing muscle and movement efficiency. You'll feel less fatigued and experience less muscle damage, leaving you fully prepared to tackle whatever lies ahead.


Targeting your quads, hamstrings and calves, our Performance Full-Tech Leggings are anatomically engineered to help you achieve your athletic goals with confidence and style.


A network of flexible skeleton structures supports the quads, hamstrings and calves for optimal muscle control and movement stability.


20 sensory nodes interact with skin over the quads, hamstrings and calves, enhancing proprioceptive feedback to maximise body awareness.


Graduated compression from the calves to the quads and hamstrings works to reduce muscle vibration and support efficient movement.


Moisture-wicking fabrics and body-mapped ventilation help control temperature and allow your skin to breathe.

4-way stretch fabrics allow for unrestricted movement while working out.

Engineered moisture management and breathability draws sweat away from your skin to keep you feeling dry.

Nylon Tactel™ has a premium soft feel that is gentle on the skin and dries quickly.

Graduated compression aids blood flow and stabilises smaller muscles through your entire session.

Body-mapped ventilation facilitates moisture wicking, allowing your skin to breathe.

A tight body-hugging fit to provide performance-level compression and minimise muscle vibration.

Sensory nodes interact with the skin to maximise proprioceptive feedback and promote efficient movement.

Anatomically positioned flexible skeleton structures support and stabilise the body during movement.

fit and care

1. Start by placing your thumbs inside the waist and gather one leg at a time. Place your foot through and repeat on the other leg.

2. Unfold the leggings up each leg. DO NOT forcefully pull the garment from the top as this will risk tearing the specialist fabric.

3. Align the skeleton along the natural path of your quad, hamstring and calf muscles, carefully positioning the sensory nodes as per the graphic for optimum results.