About Us

Introducing O+A

Motivated by detail, we are obsessed with performance, wellbeing and empowering people to evolve. Engineered for the performance conscious, this is more than merely sportswear.  

We are a sports performance brand that sits at the cross section of sports science and technology, inspired by direct experiences of performing at elite sports level. We know that when you're performing at your best, pushing past that PB, working towards your next goal, you need your equipment to be working as efficiently as you are - and that includes your clothing.

At O+A we aim to advance the conventional, replacing traditional high-performance sportswear with clothing that is precise, efficient and connected to your body and mind.

Years of research and development has perfected our unique combination of biomechanics, kinesiology, anatomy and fabric technology - culminating in our innovative Neuromuscular Performance System so you can achieve your training goals with confidence.

Go further. Go harder. Go heavier. Go Over + Above.


Our products are high-end, engineered performance wear. They are more than a skin covering, our products have depth and meaning. 

We understand human anatomy and how the body works before, during, and after physical exertion.

We pair kinesiology insight and innovative technology to engineer apparel that serves as a support system for conscious athletic performance.

Our products help you push the boundaries both physiologically and psychologically. Empowering you to go Over + Above.


Our people are motivated by detail in all aspects of life from personal to business, and subconsciously obsessed with personal development. Anything that can optimise their daily output gets their attention.

What they wear is a reflection of who they are and what principles they hold strong. Fitness is more than a bolt on lifestyle choice, it's everyday, it's integrated.

Physically and mentally they want to constantly evolve and improve.  Stillness is not an option.  They want to move.

To be a part of our tribe shows a level of knowing that it’s deeper than the way something looks, it’s about how it works.

A community of like-minded, goal hungry individuals.  Let’s challenge convention together and raise the bar.

patented nps technology

Literally connecting your physical movements with your nervous and muscular systems, our Neuromuscular Performance System (NPS) taps into your sixth sense to unlock improved control and coordination. 

Embedded into the very fabric of all our Reflex sportswear, NPS allows you to elevate your movement efficiency with specialised anatomically-positioned sensory nodes, stabilising skeleton structures, muscle-mapped compression and support.